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The Blue Wave Cometh

2017 has proved true our worst fears about the new Trump-led GOP. From a travel ban rooted in bigotry to a tax scam that will enrich the wealthiest at the expense of working Americans, a seemingly endless stream of actions from Washington have made America less safe, our society meaner, and our future dimmer. But we’re ready to strike back.

The Davis College Democrats Alumni was born the day after Donald Trump won the presidential election with specific goals in mind: to help foster a new generation of leadership in the Davis College Democrats club and to take back the House.

To this end we have accomplished the following in 2017:

  • Raised thousands to deploy in 2018 races
  • Grown our club to more than 60 members
  • Helped DCD grow to its largest size in years, sending two dozen members to Tahoe
  • Campaigned for Democrats in special elections
  • Sent contingents to protest the worst of this Administration

With your help we have built a strong foundation for this year, but we have so much left to do. We need your help, which means renewing your membership for 2018 so we have the resources we need to send a legion of college students and DCDAers to get out the vote in swing Congressional races in California and a key Senate race in Nevada.

Thank you for your support. Together we can prove that Americans reject the politics of hate and division the GOP has embraced and ensure that America can be the dynamic, welcoming, and fair country we deserve.

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